Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – There Are Obsessions and then There’s Nighthawks

I admit it, I have a long-standing, and sitting, and lying down and relaxing obsession with Edward Hopper’s magnificent painting Nighthawks. It is one of Mr Hopper’s most famous works, probably his very most famous, really and truly. There is something about the melancholic absence in that diner, despite its’ peopling, that reminds me of beautiful Mars and her silent, contemplative landscapes. So, I created Cafè Night Parrot as a homage to Nighthawks. Respect, Mr Hopper, respect. I dips me feline lid to you.

Here, we have a teaser for others to come, where Efraim, our marvellous barista and 24/7 counsellor of the lovelorn and lonely, meets some of his most ardent fans.

Yes, indeed, his name is Efraim. Mr Hopper may not have mentioned that.

At the back door of Cafe Night Parrot (after Nighthawks) with Efraim and fans

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – It’s a Triple Dead Heat

Cyclists: they’re a hardy, though sometimes argumentative and clannish crowd. Nonetheless, we applaud their efforts to champion, and bring, carbohydrates into the healthy dietary choice fold. Or something like that. Or else, they simply want to go to a lovely cafe after their ride and pack on the kilojoules. If they play their carbs right, they can surely devise a route to take in all three destinations, n’est pas so?

Cyclists arguing over their destination and food

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – The Interview Chair, Unique Interviewee Or Selfish Focus Puller?

Irenaeus Indivisible has done it again with yet another unique interview. Never mind the implications, friends, enjoy the back and forth, the pure malarkey, marvel at the texture, and weep.

Interviewer interviewing interview chair

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Caps ‘n Bikes, Who Doesn’t Love ‘Em

Irenaeus Indivisible is a champion of the face-to-face interview with all manner of, well, rather odd people, though they are, usually, quite kind, and simply minding their own unusual lives in peace. Go quietly amid the noise and haste, and practice your very own genre of crazy.

Interview with man in cap on bicycle

Last Cat On Mars Presents: When Technology and Humans Part Ways

How about those wolves, eh? Predatory, hungry, famished really, but, you know, prepared to wait for the Wolffee Treats to be distributed as an appetizer. And you wonder why we feline types tend to avoid most cross-species friendships (especially the canine), except for the human servant variety, as you yourselves encourage, dudes and friends on the third rock. And, see, technology – always a few bicycle rotations ahead of the homo sapiens brain matter. Never mind.

A man stumbles into a wolves gathering where he will surely become the dinner special, won't he?

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Therapy Animals: They have feelings, too, and they love airline snacks

It is true that a dragon may not be the most practical of therapy pets, but they are extremely loyal, and in winter they can warm your cockles very quickly. Also, in summer, you won’t need a BBQ or grill to get those kebabs charcoaled. I’m a glass half-full cat, as you can obviously tell. Plus, yes, my therapy pet is a dragon called Cholmondeley, pronounced, as you well know, Chumlee, as in chum, as in friend, as in dear, sweet pet.

Woman waiting to board her flight with her therapy dragons, Sparky and Cinders