Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Occasionally, You Should Ask For Whom The Bus Stops

Reading between the lines isn’t that difficult, usually. You just have to squint a little, though, of course, that is all predicated on the idea that you know you have to read between the lines in the first place, and that, of course, must precede squinting at those lines, and so on, and there’s always another bus, isn’t there?

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Occasionally, A Fan Would Be Handy

Marcel had always taken his oath of mimey silence seriously, but the day he happened upon D’Arcy Delaney’s warm welcome tested even his steadfast allegiance to a rather silly rule. The fact that D’Arcy, like his forebears before him and even befive and besix those forebears, had no physical ability to feel the heat, did not help on this occasion, or on the many occasions previously when his smithy’s shop had burnt down.

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Occasionally, The Circular Envies The Cubed

Who knows exactly what the velocipedes were thinking as they gathered – in a circle – to ponder the greatness of the solid cubes balancing haughtily upon themselves and inviting everyone, not only circle-ists, to join them in rapturous praise of geometry.

Bikes decide their new god is a cubed sculpture

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Occasionally, You Want To Suggest Antihistamines

Mind you, those slippery little rubber dogs are very entertaining, with or without Percy and his drugs. He’s taking a show on the road soon and has asked for extra soft pet carriers for his beloved inanimate canines, Squeaky and Heliumbreath.

Percy's allergies means he has to work with balloon dogs instead of the real thing

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Portability and Luck, Two Sides of the Same Something

Tracy’s invention was particularly impressive during her trip to the Aran Islands. Their stone walls had never thought such independence could be possible for seemingly permanent, and pretty heavy, geological structures. That was when their thoughts turned to cruises to Rapa Nui to lift their stony spirits, or at least drown their stony sorrows. Tracy and Lucky, being travel agents of the first, and stoniest order, arranged everything.

Tracy and her portable stone wall with her lucky black cat

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Even Brooders Need Their Space

Would anyone really begrudge the rightful brooders their rightful right to enjoy the spacious broodiness of Cafè Night Parrot? You wouldn’t think so, but when I attended for my usual tunacino with extra foam (sea foam, to be precise), it was standing-room-on-the-counter only. Luckily, my perfect balance saw me through, that and Efraim’s way with wayward foam. And an extra tuna mint on my saucer.

The three brooders at Cafe Night Parrot resent the influx of special chasing patrons

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – A Sculpture A Day Brings The Opinions Out To Play

You may be thinking, well, Dr On Mars, you don’t look like a pretzel, ho ho. And you’d be right, friend, I do not, except when I have had the misfortune to eat a pretzel that has seen better days. On those occasions, when I resemble and feel rather like a green pretzel, it is best to visit my local tuna taverna and drown my pretzelly sorrows in a tuna Tanqueray on the rocks.

Gallery patrons try to describe a silver sculpture

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – For a New Angle on Things, Talk to the Sculpture

Irenaeus Indivisible finds the most unusual and unique interview subjects. But a self-anthropomorphising, raspberry schnapps slurping sculpture, takes the tuna biscotti, if you ask me.

A sculpture that wants to be human with Irenaeus Indivisible

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Everything is Relative

The thing about black cats is that they are surrounded by superstition and manufactured mystery. They are quite normal creatures with the average habits of the average moggie (which are, of course, anything but average, and everything superior). But do you think I can convince the humans of these facts? Correct. I can not.

The cafe's furniture is too small for the patrons to use.

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – The Sculptural HIGHlight of the Year

It should be mentioned that Gerard, the hapless sculptor, has previous form in locating his exhibitions in ‘interesting’ places. The Mariana Trench for his sand sculptures, for instance; remote Vostok Station in Antarctica for his replica build of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. You get the picture, friends, Gerard enjoys a challenge, but you don’t have to. Simply go to his next slide night and be amazed, and then immediately sleepy. You’re welcome.

The rooftop sculpture exhibition is in a difficult to scale location