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Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Therapy Animals: They have feelings, too, and they love airline snacks

It is true that a dragon may not be the most practical of therapy pets, but they are extremely loyal, and in winter they can warm your cockles very quickly. Also, in summer, you won’t need a BBQ or grill to get those kebabs charcoaled. I’m a glass half-full cat, as you can obviously tell. Plus, yes, my therapy pet is a dragon called Cholmondeley, pronounced, as you well know, Chumlee, as in chum, as in friend, as in dear, sweet pet.

Woman waiting to board her flight with her therapy dragons, Sparky and Cinders

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Stan & Vanessa: A Ssshort Conversssation

As my darling sister, Darling One, always says, ‘You could use a good stew, kiddo,’ to any passing thin person, animal, mammal, fish, or insect. I suspect Vanessa could have listened a little more attentively in her biology lecture on Serpentes. But hey, that’s her lookout – she has two legs, she can run, and Stan’s a tad weak after his big sleep.

Stan the snake and Vanessa the human at odds over whether or not Stan is vegetarian. Vanessa offers him delicious vegies