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Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Help Desk Chronicles – Zombie Style

It was only a matter of time before the word got out: need help, call the Zombie Help Desk and wait a very long, long time so you can scramble your brains for breakfast while multi-tasking on hold.

None of the zombies at the Zombie Help Desk know what to do when the phone rings

Last Cat On Mars Presents: A Delicate Moment

Who doesn’t love a zombie? No, really, who? I try not to watch The Walking Dead but it’s like a train wreck, I cannot look away despite the nightmares and an overwhelming desire to nail the doors and windows shut and enrol in the Katanas for Fun, Pleasure and Self-Defence course at the Martian Club. So anyhoo, tuna brains – anyone tried them lately. No, me neither. Let’s all go out for beer and crackers and some crunchy cheese toast afterwards. Love, Last & All Zombie Associates xox

A zombie walks into a bar