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Last Cat On Mars Presents: Sculptured Relaxation

I’d like to be able to say that there are relaxing oceans on Mars, but to tell you the truth, I’m just not certain. There is so much more to explore, and melt. But right now, I’m about to find a delightful deck chair, a tuna martini, and a couple of cubist friends with whom to jibber-jabber until the stars emerge. Goodnight.

Sculptures relaxing in deck chairs, or trying to.

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Tokyo Dreaming, Or Wave Goodbye to the Rio Folympics

In the dim dark long ago, this little cat owned a VW Bug. Red it was, and gorgeous, and I drove it to college and back each day. Sometimes, my dear mother, Mrs On Mars, would accompany me over to the city where we’d pay bills and otherwise enjoy a day out. It was, however, a lightweight small vehicle and was often buffeted by not-very-strong winds as we crossed the bridge from the northside to the seething metropolis that was my regional hometown in the – well, a while ago. Such adventures we had, eh Pip.

Furthermore, there is nothing nicer than a trip to the beach, a fish and chip lunch, and an ice-cream with your beloved. Enjoy.

Surfers think they're already at Tokyo 2020 for the surfing competition

Last Cat On Mars Presents: The 2016 Folympics – Life’s a Beach (Volleyball)

How envious I was to see the crashing waves and lustrous sands of the brilliant Brazilian beaches. And then I realised that I, too, Dr On Mars, have gritty beaches galore to volley and folly with the balls upon. All one has to do is wait patiently for the tropical Summer to come and melt the glorious ice-caps. Ahhhhh, adjectives, where would we be without them?

Guys on beach with balls and crocodile