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Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Help Desk Chronicles – Zombie Style

It was only a matter of time before the word got out: need help, call the Zombie Help Desk and wait a very long, long time so you can scramble your brains for breakfast while multi-tasking on hold.

None of the zombies at the Zombie Help Desk know what to do when the phone rings

Last Cat On Mars Presents: When Technology and Humans Part Ways

How about those wolves, eh? Predatory, hungry, famished really, but, you know, prepared to wait for the Wolffee Treats to be distributed as an appetizer. And you wonder why we feline types tend to avoid most cross-species friendships (especially the canine), except for the human servant variety, as you yourselves encourage, dudes and friends on the third rock. And, see, technology – always a few bicycle rotations ahead of the homo sapiens brain matter. Never mind.

A man stumbles into a wolves gathering where he will surely become the dinner special, won't he?