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Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – The Timeless Nature of Contemporary Sculpture

If only the curators had included a ‘Don’t Bloody Touch The Silver New Something’ sign, Claudius – a law-abiding fellow who wanted only to be told what to do every minute of every day (why else, after all, did he join the army) – would have enjoyed his accidental cultural jaunt, free of any useful thoughts at all. And don’t worry about Strawberry, the cow, Claudius is vegetarian.

Time travelling Roman gladiator discovers contemporary sculpture

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Check Twice, Book Once

The good oil is to check twice and book once, based on the carpenter’s rule of thumb (if he hasn’t already lost both to overly eager sawing) to measure twice and cut once. In Princess Tiffany’s case, one suspects that the so-called ‘wrong’ escort team is actually the perfectly ‘right’ team, for her. Go, you good things.

The Princess and her escort of unusual escorts

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – There Are Obsessions and then There’s Nighthawks

I admit it, I have a long-standing, and sitting, and lying down and relaxing obsession with Edward Hopper’s magnificent painting Nighthawks. It is one of Mr Hopper’s most famous works, probably his very most famous, really and truly. There is something about the melancholic absence in that diner, despite its’ peopling, that reminds me of beautiful Mars and her silent, contemplative landscapes. So, I created Cafè Night Parrot as a homage to Nighthawks. Respect, Mr Hopper, respect. I dips me feline lid to you.

Here, we have a teaser for others to come, where Efraim, our marvellous barista and 24/7 counsellor of the lovelorn and lonely, meets some of his most ardent fans.

Yes, indeed, his name is Efraim. Mr Hopper may not have mentioned that.

At the back door of Cafe Night Parrot (after Nighthawks) with Efraim and fans

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – It’s a Triple Dead Heat

Cyclists: they’re a hardy, though sometimes argumentative and clannish crowd. Nonetheless, we applaud their efforts to champion, and bring, carbohydrates into the healthy dietary choice fold. Or something like that. Or else, they simply want to go to a lovely cafe after their ride and pack on the kilojoules. If they play their carbs right, they can surely devise a route to take in all three destinations, n’est pas so?

Cyclists arguing over their destination and food

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – The Interview Chair, Unique Interviewee Or Selfish Focus Puller?

Irenaeus Indivisible has done it again with yet another unique interview. Never mind the implications, friends, enjoy the back and forth, the pure malarkey, marvel at the texture, and weep.

Interviewer interviewing interview chair

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Caps ‘n Bikes, Who Doesn’t Love ‘Em

Irenaeus Indivisible is a champion of the face-to-face interview with all manner of, well, rather odd people, though they are, usually, quite kind, and simply minding their own unusual lives in peace. Go quietly amid the noise and haste, and practice your very own genre of crazy.

Interview with man in cap on bicycle

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Black Cats and Their Aloofy Aloofness

There, I’ll say it – black cats fancy themselves as superior to other cats. This is manifested in their silent aloofy aloofness. Next time you see a black cat, make friends with her or him, and who knows, you may move her or him on from ‘aloof’ to ‘benign’ or even ‘cuddlesomely noirish.’ Give him or her, or her or him a pat and a hearty invitation to your next tuna nosh-a-rama and bucket list share-a-thon. Invite me, too.

Woman checking her bucket list, literally, as a black cat looks on, aloofly.

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Perspective and Pcycling Go Hand in Hand

We all find perspective in our own dubious ways, usually involving confirmation and cognitive bias. Who knows, maybe those two things are one and the same – I shall search for research that confirms my cognitions on this conundrum. Meanwhile, bias away, chaps, or bike away, and make it quick. That arch looks temporary to me.

Woman cycling through archway to help her perspective on life

Last Cat On Mars Presents: A New Career Path – Easy Peasy or in Need of a Little Gravy

It is almost a certainty that former hired assassins have limited knowledge of appropriate titles. On the other hand, I, for one, am not going to tell Maxwell Magillicuddy that he should, indeed, second-guess ‘Kebab Your Lamb and Other Stabby Recipes’ now that he’s turned his attention to, let us say, other victims. If he could stomach a dose of vegetarianism, ‘Coleslaw Your Carrot and Other Grating Recipes’ sounds so much less threatening, don’t you agree (unless you’re a carrot, or the friend or relative of a carrot – apologies to all long, orange vegies)?

Max, the former hired assassin, becomes a celebrity chef

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Your Mobile Psycatrist – Even Pawns Get The Blues

As a violent pacifist, I sympathise with Linda, and all of us, really, we, the many pawns of the universe, all of us made from atoms billions of years old already. You’d think they would have acquired enough wisdom by now to have nothing to do with war and mayhem. Hmmph – evolution, so protonically, neutronically, electronically slow.

Chess pawn Linda tells Dr On Mars she feels like just another pawn. Dr On Mars advises that we are all pawns.