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Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – A Little Night Music Goes A Long Way

The thing is, my dear mother, Mumma On Mars, is a worlds’ reputed violinist (Mars and Earth), even without the aid of opposable thumbs and forefingers, which, I must admit, makes for some rather amusing evenings with Mozart’s concertos. Here’s a tip: being a little inebriated on a good vintage of Ye Olde Catnippy helps to pass the time, and the notes.

On a rather more prosaic side note, it must be acknowledged (must it? well, yes) that the physiological possession (as opposed to the ooky collector’s possession) of aforementioned thumbs and forefingers, is no recommendation of brilliance, given that the typical human is in thrall to the least little adventure of the smallest and sleepiest of felines. Just sayin’.

Gretchen brings her violin to Cafe Night Parrot to enhance the moodiness

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Cafe Night Parrot Needs A Feline Touch

What can I say? I work cheap, but never think that cheap equals quality issues. No, no, never. Blissed out to be at Cafe Night Parrot, I would work for tips, and tuna bake crumbs. Really! Don’t tell Efraim.

Last Cat On Mars joins the staff at Cafe Night Parrot

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – The Do’s the Thing – What a Lovely Head of Hair

There is nothing like a well-groomed human or feline. I’m happy to say that here at the Last Cat On Mars House of Hair and Furry Beauty, we proudly present the best of both worlds. Take a bow (but not a bow-wow), Headley.

Hats galore plus Headley preening with his hairdo

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – Check Twice, Book Once

The good oil is to check twice and book once, based on the carpenter’s rule of thumb (if he hasn’t already lost both to overly eager sawing) to measure twice and cut once. In Princess Tiffany’s case, one suspects that the so-called ‘wrong’ escort team is actually the perfectly ‘right’ team, for her. Go, you good things.

The Princess and her escort of unusual escorts

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – There Are Obsessions and then There’s Nighthawks

I admit it, I have a long-standing, and sitting, and lying down and relaxing obsession with Edward Hopper’s magnificent painting Nighthawks. It is one of Mr Hopper’s most famous works, probably his very most famous, really and truly. There is something about the melancholic absence in that diner, despite its’ peopling, that reminds me of beautiful Mars and her silent, contemplative landscapes. So, I created Cafè Night Parrot as a homage to Nighthawks. Respect, Mr Hopper, respect. I dips me feline lid to you.

Here, we have a teaser for others to come, where Efraim, our marvellous barista and 24/7 counsellor of the lovelorn and lonely, meets some of his most ardent fans.

Yes, indeed, his name is Efraim. Mr Hopper may not have mentioned that.

At the back door of Cafe Night Parrot (after Nighthawks) with Efraim and fans

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – It’s a Triple Dead Heat

Cyclists: they’re a hardy, though sometimes argumentative and clannish crowd. Nonetheless, we applaud their efforts to champion, and bring, carbohydrates into the healthy dietary choice fold. Or something like that. Or else, they simply want to go to a lovely cafe after their ride and pack on the kilojoules. If they play their carbs right, they can surely devise a route to take in all three destinations, n’est pas so?

Cyclists arguing over their destination and food

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Occasional Observations – The Interview Chair, Unique Interviewee Or Selfish Focus Puller?

Irenaeus Indivisible has done it again with yet another unique interview. Never mind the implications, friends, enjoy the back and forth, the pure malarkey, marvel at the texture, and weep.

Interviewer interviewing interview chair