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Last Cat On Mars Presents: Greetings From The Bridges of Mad Scientists County

There are strings. And there are theories. That’s all I know. That’s all I want to know. Now fix me a tuna cacciatore, and make it quick.

Scientists on a bridge holding long pieces of string and discussing string theory

Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Folympic Dark Side – We Don’t Want To Go There

At the Dairy Queen oh-so-long ago, in the intermission between Saturday night movies at the Rex Theatre, some boys would buy a soft drink with a famous name (rhymes with bloke), add the contents of a once famous headache powder (rhymes with hex) mix it up, and, gasp, drink it. It gave them a little high. That’s all I know, your magnificence.

A group of scientists mixing up drugs to make athletes go faster, further, get stronger, bigger, etc.

Last Cat On Mars Presents: A Clone By Any Other name Would Be The Same

Did you know that dogs are being cloned nowadays? Yes, they are, friends, so why should the rest of us miss out? Personally, I kind of like the idea that there’s only one of each and every one of us, but technology is amok in the world. What do you reckon? Love and a dusting of fairy sparkles from Dr On Mars (call me last, go on).

Clonemaster with cloned people and carrots