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Last Cat On Mars Presents: Save The Orange-Bellied Parrot, Please

Orange-Bellied Parrot chicks

Click on the chicks to go to the Pozible crowd-funding page

Hello, patriots, and other parrots. Here on Mars we don’t see many members of the Psittaciformes order, if you want to be all KIngdom-y and Phylum-y about it. And who doesn’t?

Anyway, it’s imperative that we all act now to save this bird called the Orange-Bellied Parrot, who lives in south-west Tasmania – I know, tropical types like me find it hard to understand the virtues of the cooler states of being.

But it doesn’t stop us from helping these little (not much bigger than a budgie) and very, very cute birds. What better reason could there be for making a donation to the Australian National University’s Pozible crowd-funding appeal – they’re severely endangered, dudes, and severely endangered dudes.

Go to the ANU’s Difficult Birds website to learn a lot more and see some more lovely photos.

Go to the Pozible page to view a video by Professor Robert Heinsohn who will tell you all about the project to save these other little Tassie devils and what else they’ll be able to do if they get even more moolah.

Save the Orange-Bellied parrot with Last Cat On Mars

Go there now, to Pozible and check out the wonderful things you can get for being a first-class member of the Chordata Phylum in return for a measly donation – make it thousands, friends, or at least several tens. Good on you.

Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Alien Variations #2: Canoe With Orange Vegetables

They’re always on the lookout for new ventures, they just lack the capital to convert them to heavenly success. But don’t feel too sorry for them, fellow viewers; after all, they have a very red canoe, and the possibility of members of the largely adorable Leporidae family visiting sometime soon. D’Arcy and Anthony – gotta love ’em, or not – oh, why not, harmless they are, and as cute as the Leporidaes (yes, the furry, mammalian Leporidaes from Edam-on-Rye, or was it Bungles-Upon-Bungles)? Or, was it, Rabbitproof-Under-Fence?

2 aliens in a red canoe discussing swapping their rocket for the canoe, a bushel of carrots and a blender to make smoothies

Last Cat On Mars Presents: A Tale of Feathers and Gills

On such a momentous day (the 2016 US Pestilential, sorry, Presidential election), perhaps we could all benefit from cooling off down south with our Antarctic friends (and a polar bear visiting from the Arctic), however misguided they may be in the matter of parental origins. Enjoy it now, friends, because the times are truly changing.

Baby penguins imprinting on Last Cat On Mars