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Last Cat On Mars Presents: Just Another Working Day On Mars

Some say that sullying a delicious glass of Scotch with either water or ice is a sacrilege worthy of flogging. My opinion is that I much prefer Irish whiskey (or even whisky) with my tuna melt, but every cat is different, dear ones, and we really need to concentrate on the wonderful news that NASA confirmed the presence of water on Mars. I knew all along, of course, even though, as a proud feline (and potential future sufferer of renal failure if I’m not careful) H20 is not my favourite natural substance. On second thoughts, and considering that sidebar comment about renals, schmeenals failing, whatever, I think I’ll skate on over to the ice-capades and pick up a slab of the good stuff. See you there, Major Tom, Love, Dr On Mars xox

Astronauts on Mars drilling for ice

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Thanks for the melodies, David (David Bowie 1947-2016)

For those of us of a certain era, it’s hard to remember a time when David Bowie wasn’t entertaining us and surprising us in so many different and wonderful ways. British PM, David Cameron, was spot on in describing David as a genius, and he is one of a small handful of artists who have had a deep and lasting impact on several generations.

Go well, our starman, and let’s keep dancing.

David Bowie tribute with Last Cat on Mars