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Last Cat On Mars Presents: Le Toast de France

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Wait, yes, it’s over for another year, and Chris Froome has won. Again. For the third time. In a row.

Deja vu all over again, or what, fellow cycle people, or not? I watch it for the recipes, as I’ve mentioned many times, which is just as well, because at least they change from one year to the next. And I’m hoping that there’ll be a lovely and luscious tuna bake from Dusseldorf, home of 2017’s Grand Depart. It is, after all, a city on a river (the Rhine), so there must be tuna around there somewhere.

Meanwhile and P.S., thanks to John Mortimer, creator of our beloved Rumpole and the unforgettable ‘Chateau Thames Embankment.’ Cheers.

Tour de france with lego characters

The Other (L’Autre) Tour de France? When Too Much Lycra Isn’t Enough.

If you thought Dr OnMars was only about single panel fabulousness, then think again, dudettes and dudes, also dudelings and catlings. BTW, the Danish word for kittens is killings (who knew? well, the Danes for one, or many). Just saying.

Coming very soon: L’Autre Tour de France – The Other Tour de France de Jour. What with the excitement of many men pedalling furiously along country and city roads for no apparent reason or rhyme, but with excellent muscle tone and really expensive bicycles, it was only a matter of time, or even thyme, before a copycat appeared, so to speak.

Forged in the heat of caption artistry hell, and sometimes heaven, and ready to take on the highways and byways of Everyroad, The Other (L’Autre) Tour de France – soonish, friends.

Meanwhile, please enjoy some single panel tableautoons.

Coming up: Stonehenge, The Perils of the Fake Resume, the Zombie Apocalypse, and more – you heard me, more.