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Last Cat On Mars Presents: When Cage Fighters Reach the Arthritic Years

Apologies, friends, for the delay in transmission these last couple of weeks. Storms on Mars – you know the drill.

This one’s for all my cage fighting friends out there who dare to be different and consider a future free of bruises and comas, especially comas. And blood – ooooh, I feel faint. No more blood, except for the freshly squeezed blood oranges I’m about to engage with for breakfast.

Cage fighters discuss their future new career paths

Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Nicest Monsters May Be The Ones You Can’t See

Hey there, fellow Swamp Appreciation Society (SAS) members. It isn’t often that we get to welcome someone like the legendary Nessie to LastCatLand – and we missed her this time, too. Nonetheless, everyone had a lovely time and ate many frog omelettes – just kidding – they all had bayou moonshine and went to hospital.

Bayou with many people in search of the Loch Ness Monster

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Why Have Meetings ? (or An Ex-ex-public servant takes the mickey)

Dr On Mars enjoyed a long career (an uncontrollable lurch downhill, as we in the trade like to call it) in public service before she left for the calmer and altogether redder climes of Mars. To celebrate the something-or-other anniversary of her escape, aka near-death experience, here’s a memory for you. (Former public servants, and meeting attendees of any stripe, please note well and save yourselves before you cross the threshold into a space from which there is no liberation).

The longest meeting in the world with a long-winded member and many skeletons