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Last Cat On Mars Presents: Greetings From The Bridges of Mad Scientists County

There are strings. And there are theories. That’s all I know. That’s all I want to know. Now fix me a tuna cacciatore, and make it quick.

Scientists on a bridge holding long pieces of string and discussing string theory


Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Alien Variations – #1: Canoe in Pointybitts Style

I don’t know D’Arcy or Anthony personally, but the fact that they exchanged their spaceship here on Mars with some rogueish southerner from the Medusae Fossae Formation seems to follow a family pattern. Two of my actual friends, Cy and Clark, have already committed to the Red Canoe Cult – you can check them out enjoying a little angling in the Hale crater. They bear a remarkable resemblance to these two soon-to-be fishin’ fools.

Aliens in a red canoe discussing the swap with their spaceship