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Last Cat On Mars Presents: Sale of the Century

I’ve always been a big fan of castles and, in particular, the Hollywood castles frequented by that delicious fellow from Tasmania, Mr Errol Flynn. Remember him in The Adventures of Robin Hood? Does it get any better than that? Only if you have tuna-flavoured dainties to nibble as Robin and Maid Marian (the equally lovely Olivia de Havilland who just celebrated her 100th – you read me – 100th birthday – she lives in Paris – Happy Birthday Ms de Havilland, hope the tuna cake was spankingly great) – where was I? – yes, as they ride off to their honeymoon on the Great Barrier Reef where the castles are scarce but the Longtail and Yellow fin tuna are swimmingly abundant.


Last Cat On Mars Presents: Guard Duty, Gotta Love It

Regarding Beowulf, I have to admit some sympathy for the monster, Grendel. Is that so wrong, to feel for the poor creature who was simply following his instincts? Hmmm, instincts. I smell barbecue – tuna barbecue. Sorry, but I must follow my instincts and crash that party. Speedy love to everyone, Last xxx

Grenadier Guardsmen with the Royal Mail and the Roylal Male