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Last Cat On Mars Presents: Extremely Very Retro Tiny House

I know, but I like tiny houses of almost any kind. I’m a cat, what can I say? We love small, snuggly places that can also relocate quickly when a family of canines moves in next door.

What do you think of the tiny house revolution, friends? Want one? Envious of Peter and Daphne? Don’t worry, they’re about to find out what owning two very hungry equine types involves, especially in terms of, shall we say, clean up! Good luck with that when you don’t have a litter-box big enough – hahahaha – ha! Constant tiny house movement, that’s the ticket.

A couple discussing their new tiny house covered wagon and whether or not the horses will like them. Likewise, the horses


Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Grandmother’s Dilemma

Yes, grandmothers are the keepers of the flames of jokes ancient and modern. But you knew that all along, didn’t you, dear reader, and furthermore you love your Nana and her tomato relish and mango chutney, her coconut ice and her chocolate fudge, her raspberry cordial and Arno Butter Shortbread bikkies, her lovely cups of tea and damper with Golden Syrup. Oh, what’s that – yes, sorry, on with the show. Love and Mars Bars from Last Cat, xxx

There must be a pony - horses and their manure