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Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Help Desk Chronicles – Cheesecake, Burden or Bonus?

Despite the headline up there, we all know that the humble yet fabulous cheesecake, could never be a burden, not even on your hips. Well, perhaps on your hips, but be selective, slice it thin like an after dinner mint (think how many thin slices you could have before you reach even an approximation of a full serving, think and feel all fluttery and happy).

The Help Desk chef recommends cheesecake, it's the help food of a nation.


Last Cat On Mars Presents: Keep Guam and Carry On

Far be it from me not to get involved in the emergency of the month. The cheesecake may be tuna flavoured, so beware.On the dock, a shipment of sandbags, cheesecake and whiskey is being sent to Guam