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Last Cat On Mars Presents: A Sailor’s Life For Me (Not)

The thing about the ocean is that, unless you’re under it, it can make you extremely seasick, and worried about what’s under it. I recall dreams, nay, nightmares of inundation not long before I rocketed off to Mars. My darling mother, Mrs On Mars, reassured me that it was simply the terror of space travel and my fear of being torn apart by G-forces when I clearly prefer C-forces (c for cat, obviously). Anyway, made it to Mars, found the ice, chipped some off and settled down with a Tuna Daquiri and some smoked eel pie (mmm, smoked eeellllllll). Chin, chin, or is it chihuahua, chihuahua? Whatever.

All at sea with rainbow sailors and denizens of the deep


Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Nicest Monsters May Be The Ones You Can’t See

Hey there, fellow Swamp Appreciation Society (SAS) members. It isn’t often that we get to welcome someone like the legendary Nessie to LastCatLand – and we missed her this time, too. Nonetheless, everyone had a lovely time and ate many frog omelettes – just kidding – they all had bayou moonshine and went to hospital.

Bayou with many people in search of the Loch Ness Monster