Last Cat On Mars Presents: Even Police Officers Get The Blues

Those hats, I just adore those hats. And imagine what a useful water bowl they could be in an emergency for a kitten caught out on the Syrtis Major Planum in need of just a few short gulps of kidney-disease-avoiding H2O. I’m talking to you, cats of the universe. Do you really need to be reminded to have at least one slurp of renal sustenance a day? Do you? Of course you do. And so do I. Excuse me now while I borrow a Bobbie’s helmet, and a bottle of water, and a human with an opposable thumb and forefinger who happens to be strolling nearby.

P.S. ‘Bobbies’ are named after Sir Robert Peel, who established London’s first official police force in the 1830s. They were also called Peelers, but I think Bobbie sounds far more cuddly, don’t you?

Police bobbies at a team building exercise, except that one is working with a blockhead


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